How to Add Popular Posts Widget in Blogger –

There have lot’s question from bloggers that How to add popular posts widget in blogger blog. It’s one of the common question from beginners. Having this great thing on your blog, you won more page views and more traffic. Because readers spend more time on your website and helps to reduce bounce score.

How to Add Popular Posts Widget in Blogger

Benefits of Popular Posts Widget

  • Show readers mostly viewed articles from your blog.
  • Spend more and more time them to your website. That increase your on page optimisation value.
  • Increase your page authority which good for blog SEO health.
  • Drive more traffic and more value from search engine.

Add Popular Posts Widget in Blogger

To trending posts in blogger, you need to do following things step by step:

#1 Step: Login your blogger dashboard > Go to Widgets > Add a Widget

#2 Step: Now choose Popular Posts from the blogspot widget menu.

#3 Step: Now customize popular articles with your own. You can change popular posts name to any other name. If you want to show last 30 days or 7 days popular posts, then select them. If you want to keep posts thumbnail & snippets, then mark them. If you doesn’t keep, then unmark them. Finally how many posts will shown in menu, select now.

#4 Step: At last, click on Save and you are all done your activities. And blogger popular posts widget activated in you blog.

If you follow these things, then you success added popular posts widgets for blogspot blog. There have more stylish widget for blogger. But using these, harms your blog speed. So ignore them and success your blog ranking.


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