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At present, YouTube 2nd largest search engine around the globe. If you have videos on your channel, it can make you rich. But you must follow proper YouTube SEO guide. Otherwise you videos never ranked better.


Most of success bloggers suggest to use unique techniques for ranking videos. But not this way. You can follow your guideline or make unique tips also.

YouTube SEO Guide

Every blogger common question that how to rank YouTube videos and they want to rank fast also. But starting this step, they must need to know basic things for advance facilities.

7 Killer YouTube SEO Guide

In this video era, we can’t think anythings without video tutorial. We can solve anything by watching tutorial. That make us happy, give exactly solution. It’s include another success chapter for us. Newbie YouTuber one common question is: What is YouTube SEO and what to do? If you are newbie in this area, you must follow these 7 tips and get success quickly.

1) Upload own video

Creating perfect video for YouTube most important. If you doesn’t have this asset, you can’t get success. In fact, you may get copyrighted issue. Once you have copyrighted issue, it may harm your whole channel. It may causes to get banned from YouTube.

Always use your own videos by making or capture. You can use video editing tools to make best videos. You can record your own moments and upload them on YouTube. But never uploads others videos and that never brings YouTube success. Just follow others techniques and build yours. That’s it!

2) Include attractive video title

Adding attractive, creative and different title, always brings largest success. Follow top YouTuber and their channel. Why they got success, why their video got huge watches? If you think about this, you see that, they are using different titles. Most of people think that there have some YouTube SEO tools to get ranked. But not, there doesn’t have any types tools. Just have some techniques.

If you can include attractive, different video title, then you must got popularity in one night. Because it’s bring first impression of viewer. Keep some trending things in video title to attract more viewers.

3) Keep keyword in title

You must do YouTube keyword research before choosing right title. Because that is the main thing of your success. If there have no accurate research, your work will fail.

Go to YouTube and search anything on search box. But after writing, do not search. Just see the related suggest from YouTube. That’s it! You got related and relevant title idea from search. But you also can search and see others title what they are using. You can follow their title structure but make different. Just follow their rule and make your smart and attractive title for viewers.

4) Write long and nice description

There have huge YouTube SEO tips and all of these working good. But you must choose that tips and tricks, which have mostly accepted things. Otherwise it never rank YouTube videos. After uploading your videos, you need to write long, attractive and SEO friendly meta description. Because it’s important to get huge views. If you thought to get enough success, you must write at least 250 words meta description. Because it’s one of the hidden YouTube SEO tactics. Keep your keywords in description are and also write short brief about the video. That help viewers to understand about your video.

5) Say keywords in video voice

Keeping focus keywords in your video highly plus point. But how to keep these? You can keep these in title, description, tags and mostly video voice. When you recording your video, just say 2-3 times the keywords. That can play great role as keyword density. You must follow this important step. You can add your voice when recording the video, or you can add this when editing the video. You can use YouTube video editor in the my videos area. That great thing to add custom voice, music or other features. Which make your videos different from others.

6) Write custom video filename

Before uploading your videos, if you keep keywords in file name, that can highly help to boost YouTube video ranking. But how to do this step? When you record a video, it will save as random filename. But you must rename it using your own keyword targeted name. Example: this-is-my-video.mp4 (it’s help better for getting huge views). You also can keep current years name, best or other things for better traffic.

7) Upload long videos

This is final and most important point also. Keeping long videos one of the largest arms of this area. If you thought to get huge views, best rankings, you must have more than 5 minutes videos. Mind it that, more long videos, more ranking. So, if you have too long videos, your channel got viral day-night. But if you have less than 5 minutes videos, you can’t get enough success. So, don’t forget that matter.

However, if you have tutorial based channel, then upload 5 min to 15 min videos. Because learners like these length videos. But too long videos also harmful for your SEO (specially for tutorial channel).

Final Words

In this 2nd largest search engine, if you have enough subscriber, videos and views, you will be rich few days. Because you can make money using this video platform. Just take care these 7 YouTube SEO tips and tricks and settle your blogging career.


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