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In the blogging career, every bloggers dream is to getting an Adsense. But it’s extremely sorry that, every newbie bloggers doesn’t get that. In fact, regularly expert bloggers also getting banned from Adsense. So in this moments, you must need some smart, high paying Google Adsense Alternatives for still earning from blog.


There have various ad networks which provide huge ads and give you money. But all of they are actually not. Maximum of their CPC is too low. For that, bloggers avoid them quickly. If you doesn’t able to choose right alternatives, you can’t earn more like Adsense.

Top Google Adsense Alternatives (Competitors)

So, today I will share some important, popular and high paying alternatives to Adsense. It can boost your earnings quickly. Because if you need to make money from blogging, you must need these things.

Why You Need These Ad Networks?

– Because your Adsense account recently banned or temporary closed.

– You are looking for for earnings beside Adsense.

– Readers using Ad Blocker in their web browser. For that, Adsense ads not showing.

– Your blog niche or traffic not supported to Adsense. Because of their policy is too hard.

– You need double earnings from your blog.

Top 7 Best Google Adsense Alternatives

If you have a blog with some traffic, you can try these Adsense alternative networks today. Because they are trending right now and popular bloggers also using on their website. Just start using today and monetize your blog. In fact, if you unable to approve adsense using simple method, then you can try these alternatives.

1) Amazon Associate

Actually it’s not Adsense alternatives, it’s king of online earning. This is an affiliate marketing option. If you have an affiliate blog, then start earning from Amazon.

Most of affiliate bloggers target to make success amazon blog and sell on markets. Just complete there terms and conditions and start earning money.

But how much money you can make from Amazon?

Actually there has no limits. You can make USD 10,00,000 per month from Amazon. You do not need to have huge traffic. Just build high rates selling products blog and drive traffic. That’s it, you’re hero.

In the recent years, bloggers build huge affiliate blog. Because it’s great way to make money online. In fact, you can earn more than 500% adsense earning. So why not Amazon?

2) Infolinks

Most of success bloggers who make money online, they think that it’s largest Adsense competitor. If you doesn’t have any Adsense blog, then start earning with Infolinks. Because they pay high Click Through Rate (CTR) for your traffic.

Actually they show text based ads on your blog. It will be double underline on every content. When a reader click these link or show, then your earning will be started.

In 2014-2015, I’ve a small local traffic website. I didn’t have any adsense account, then I started using Infolinks. Through I didn’t have more traffic, so I make only 50$ within few months.

They pay using PayPal, Wire transfer. Just make your blog great and earn money from Infolinks. It will be double your earnings, make you rich.

3) Media.net

If there have another high paying advertising network, it must be Media.net after Google Adsense. Because it’s show both display ad and also contextual also. After you doesn’t have Adsense blog, don’t worry. Start with them!

If you have huge traffic from search engine, social media or other referral sources, then you can use this. Because media.net agree with you to pay high CPC.

It’s owner of Yahoo & Bing search engine. So, don’t worry about them and starting monetizing blog using it.

4) RevenueHits

After Adsense, there have huge earning network, which pay money to their publishers. But RevenueHits totally different and they paid CPM based earning. Now you can earn up to $30 per click. But you must have high CPC traffic from search engine. No need huge traffic, just few traffic is enough for you.

In this CPM era, RevenueHits gone better place and highly popular to bloggers. Some bloggers stopped showing Adsense on their blog. Because RevenueHits pay them better.

You also can earn more by showing their ad. If there have huge impression, you will get paid for each thousand impression. This is another plus point for your blogging career.

They show contextual, banner ads on your blog. That totally SEO friendly and never effect on you ranking.

5) Chitika

Chitika one of the oldest and popular earning network. You also can use this beside Adsense. In fact, it’s similar to Adsense. Because they pay high CPC for your organic traffic. You can customize their ads for better experience.

Chitika doesn’t have any Adsense violence which great news for all bloggers. But all networks doesn’t have that commitment.

To start earning, you must approve your blog first. After approval, you can start monetizing blog. You can get paid using PayPal or Bank transfer. So, let’s go..

6) Yllix Media

Does you need more earnings? More CPC rates?

If your answer is YES, then you can carry on using Yllix Media. Because they give you great CPC rates. You can make up to $1000 per month. There have some simple terms of their services. Just complete these and start making money.

They show pop under ads, full page ads, mobile users redirect ads, banner ads etc. It’s depends on your ad customization. Just choose one of them and shine your blogging life.

7) PopCash

There have many smart but definitive network for publishers. PopCash like one of them. If you have huge traffic, you can target that method. If you doesn’t have lot’s of traffic, don’t worry, you also can use. They have some simple rules and regulation, which make you comfortable.

You can use this on your any kinds of blog. They show pop under ads on your blog. Which never redirect traffic to another page. This is plus point for your blogging life.

You can get paid using PayPal, Payza and get within 24-48 hours. But remember that, most of SEO specialist said that, pop under ads may harm SEO rankings. So don’t forget this.

So, what’s your need?

I discuss about the largest and popular alternatives of Google Adsense. If you doesn’t have any Adsense approved account or get banned, then try these one. But never use too many network together. Because it can’t brings success for bloggers. Choose one of them and build your life shine. I personally recommended to avoid pop under ads media but use others. Finally I want to say that, if you got banned from Adsense, it’s not end. It’s start only!


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