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Choosing right keyword for your content, one of the right decision. Because it’s brings greatest success of blogging. But if you doesn’t able to choose perfect and mostly searched keywords, you can’t go top. But, today here I will share 6 most popular and trending keyword research tools. These tools totally impressive, give you real time information etc.

Best Keyword Research Tools

There already ranked your competitors using common keywords. For that cause, you must work hard if you run new blog. Firstly you need to analyze their raked keywords, you article alternative keywords etc.

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But if you want to analyze these whole things, you lose too many times. But you must need to catch your competitors and say good bye them. So, you need to choose free keyword tool to challenge them. In this post, I will share most trending and most usable tools for keyword research. These are really important and choosing right keywords.

6 Best Keyword Research Tools

Here I share the leading tools to choosing right keyword for your niche. In fact, you challenge your biggest competitors easily. Just find the exactly keyword which you need and put them to your articles tactically. So let’s go..

1. Google Keyword Planner

Google AdWords tool father of all research tools. Because here you get exactly result from search page. Google directly show their keywords from search result. So, you can fully trust them and most of bloggers 1st choice is this.

In the previous years, Google gives free services to find relevant keywords. But currently they also not free. But they also not paid like others. You just need to run a small AdWord campaign to activate this tool. Because, Google bring this feature only for advertisers.

You must need to find your exactly keyword tactically. Because, if you unable to get exact keyword, then you are wrong way. Just put your post related some keyword and then submit. Within few moments, Google will show yourself their result with lot’s related keywords, long tail keywords etc.

Before getting your targeted result, you must modify AdWords settings accurately. Because here have many options (like local search, global search, less than, more than etc). Just setup these technically and get your enough result.

2. Ahrefs

Knowing competitors blog data, ranking and their keywords info most important for you. Because you want to challenge that blog and get ranking easily. As a beginner, you must do your research on contents, competitors intelligently. Because it’s one of the keyword research tactics.

Ahrefs only leading tool which gives almost every information. You can know competitors backlinks with sources, their link profile, long tail depth, social traffic, organic traffic, every search engine ranking, alexa ranking etc. I hope this smart tool can do everything of your smart plan, which actually you need.

3. SEMRush

Do you need something special and get keyword research tool free? I suggest you to use SEMRush. Because they give you unlimited free research facilities with some limited condition. But that’s enough for research your important data freely.

You can choose their premium plan if you need more excellent feature. You can boost your traffic by using their perfect research tool. Beside keyword, you also can track competitors ranking position, backlinks, traffic stats etc. So, it’s time to choose this SEO keyword tool and shine in blogging.

4. LongTailPro

If you need exactly thing which you find, then I suggest to use Long Tail Pro. Because this tool give advanced level result and help to challenge your competitors blog. This keyword suggestion tool increase your research experience. Because you get everything here which actually you finding.

You can run a project under this plan and keep some keyword. Finally you get excellent search volume when you submit for progress. Through long tail keywords most important to rank new blog, you must choose this tool. Because lot’s of advanced features awaiting for your. Just purchase it and see the magic.

5. KWFinder

I love this almost free keyword finder. If you need to analyze search result updates, keyword position, difficulty and competitors, then you must choose that amazing tool. Using this tool, you can get everything together like bonus pack.

I am using this tool for getting accurate and largest result list. In fact, I get mostly competitive keywords which get rank easily. There have lot’s better tools for getting right keyword. But I always suggest everyone to use it’s both free and pro features.

6. KeywordTool

You can now find your targeted keywords and it’s search volume using this impressive tool. You can easily research long tail keywords and medium tail keywords. Because this tool totally free to get exact result. In fact, this called largest Google keyword planner alternative tool.

But if you need to get the search volume beside result, you must become their premium member. But it’s no need if you are newbie or doesn’t have budget. Because you can easily use their results and put in your post. In fact, you can also choose their every keyword with controlling your density.

Final Thoughts

Using best keyword research tools always helpful for SEO ranking. Because they find most trending keywords with their search volume. You also know competitors position, their keyword difficulty, keyword alternatives and long tail information etc. So, let’s start your research using these definitive tools and boost your ranking right now.


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