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Submitting sites to top blog directories one of the great off page optimization strategy. If your blog has some dofollow links from these sites, your rank will boost fast. Because they are important for ranking and also good for Google. Search engine like getting links from some high DA directories. Because they have cool authority. If you need to get some quality backlinks from free blog directories, then this post is for you.

Top Free Blog Directories

There have various sites which accept your link and listed to their blog. But most of them doesn’t have enough page rank and they actually spam. Some of them selling too many ads. For that reason, you never get enough result from these sites. But today you will get some quality links, which accept both free and paid links. In fact they has enough domain authority.

Best Free Blog Directories

Through directories important part of link building, so you just need to use them tactically. Because it’s bring largest success for longest time. Just use following sites, go them and add your site to these free directory list.

  • https://repidenwork.eu
  • https://www.ananar.com
  • https://blogdirectory.ws
  • https://bloglisting.net
  • https://cluboo.com
  • https://www.findsites.net
  • https://happal.com
  • https://plazoo.com
  • https://picktu.com
  • https://somuch.com
  • https://usgeo.org
  • https://www.onlinesociety.org
  • https://homepageseek.com
  • https://directoryseo.biz
  • https://www.blogville.us
  • https://bloghub.com
  • https://happal.com
  • https://linkpedia.net
  • https://www.blogtoplist.com
  • https://bloghints.com
  • https://1abc.org
  • https://www.addbusiness.net

Benefits of Blog Directories

There have various things as benefits if you listing your website to high authority directories. Just see these here:

  1. Get some little amount of referral traffic (important for ranking)
  2. It’s better then social bookmarking method
  3. Dofollow backlinks for better SEO rank
  4. Increase your Alexa ranking
  5. Enough trust flow from Google, Bing or Yahoo
  6. Free links without any hard strategies.

Finally you got high PR blog submission directory list. Just go to these sites and complete the submit form. After approval, your rank will start. If your blog not approving quickly in free method, you can pay some money them and get instant approval.


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