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Having best WordPress plugins make our blog professional looking. It increase many features for readers. Which highly important for every blogs. If you have perfect and definitive plugin in your blog, you never miss your audience. In fact, they will satisfied after reading your content or purchase your services.

Best WordPress Plugins

There have almost million and million plugins for WordPress. But you must use only definitive and exactly needed for your blog. Using bad plugins harms your blog traffic and rankings. So you need to use only right things. So, here I share 16 must have WordPress plugins which help to improve traffic, rankings and authority.

1) Yoast SEO

There have many WordPress SEO plugin. But Yoast king of them and most of bloggers choose these. Yoast has blogger friendly features which make them #1. If you are using this plugin, you can easily manage your every posts, monitoring SEO score, check your focus keyword density, include optimized meta description and many more. You can manage your all kinds of on-page SEO settings here. You can build great sitemap file to submit Webmaster tools. You can customize this plugin with lot’s of feature. If you need more facilities, you can use their premium services.

2) WP Review PRO

If you have e-commerce or Amazon affiliate website, you must use review plugin. Because it simply show review option above or bellow content. That helps people to rate about your content or services. It’s one of the simple and smart way to notify Google about your products. In fact, Google will show these review/ratings under their search results.

Using this Premium plugin, you will get many facilities. Just see them bellow:

  • Support up to 14 types Rich Snippet. Which great point for SEO. 
  • Different kinds of responsive design. Use up to 16 predefined design.
  • You can add multiple rating system in your article (Point, Start, Percentage, Circle, Point, Thumbs).
  • Compatible to any version of WordPress
  • Enable user review and comments rating
  • Google local places review included
  • Facebook review system included
  • Yelp review included
  • Custom notification and popup bar
  • Comparison table for each post, products
  • WooCommerce special facilities
  • Advance customization panel 
  • Speed optimized for SEO 
  • Responsive for all devices
  • Clean & Secure coding
  • Translation ready (up to 150 languages)
  • 10 Custom widgets in WordPress panel
  • 24/7 premium services

3) All In One SEO

To optimize your blog, you must need great SEO plugin for WordPress. All In One SEO best choice for bloggers. Because it’s make easy their SEO and ranked. When writing on your blog, it help to complete SEO requirements. You can easily optimize your post title, meta description or other social things. Which highly important to get Google, Bing ranking. Just install this, active and enjoy the magic of the plugin. Already more than 3 Million people choose that. So why you not?

4) My WP Backup

If your website hacked to data lost, it’s highly decrease your SEO ranking. For that reason, you lost all traffic, sells and other facilities. To solve this situation, you must need a nice, great WordPress backup plugin. This plugin help you better to get all kinds of server solution.

Prime feature of this PRO plugin:

  • Easy backup system
  • Automatic and Manual backup system
  • Easy to use panel
  • Complete backup option
  • Comfortable and different backup option
  • Only files backup option
  • Only database backup option
  • Schedule backup (if you setup)
  • Restore your backup (if lost data)
  • Backup to Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, Email and many more
  • Archive using ZIP, TAR, RAR or other file format
  • Remove unnecessary files during backup
  • Get notification via Email, push etc
  • Access to your log
  • Footprint with low memory
  • Translate to multiple language
  • Documentation for perfect guide
  • HD video tutorial
  • 24/7 exclusive and premium support

5) Contact Form 7

Having a contact page with nice contact form, increase your blogging experience. Because if any readers, customers think to contact yourself, they must need this page. It help you to increase your business, user experience etc. In fact, if you have this important page, that help Search Engine to crawl your blog properly. Because it is one of the trust flow. Simply install this plugin and activate. After activate, create new contact form and finally put shortcut code in your contact page.

6) WP Shortcode PRO

Do you need to create beautiful posts and landing pages? If you need, then this WP plugin mostly helpful for you. Because it gives extra features to make your blog ultimate, professional looking and also great. You can make your blog better than your competitors using this amazing plugin.

So, what’s great and greedy feature have in this plugin?

  • Create 8 different types of alert for user
  • Build both horizontal and vertical tabs
  • Stylish and attractive Heading to highlights your content
  • Insert 3 different distinct styles and 13 different icons
  • Include empty space in your content (through WordPress doesn’t allow empty space, so it can help you better)
  • 4 different style separator
  • Use nicely designed quotes and pull quotes
  • 4 attractive Drop caps
  • Stylish list option
  • Nice frame for paragraph or parts
  • Row-Columns for specific content
  • Insert Green, Red, Yellow and White button for great Call to Action
  • Both Login/Register double button
  • Responsive YouTube embedded and advance feature
  • Easy and attractive Call to Action button
  • Amazing testimonial layout
  • 4 creative types progress bar
  • Responsive social sharing to boost traffic
  • Choose content slider
  • Price plan table option
  • Custom RSS feeds
  • Google Maps with advance facilities
  • More than 80 powerful shortcuts
  • Usable to all WP themes
  • One click shortcut insert
  • Easy Import/Export settings

7) Tablepress

Including table in your articles, brings smartness. It helps readers to find summery based things together. There have many table maker plugin for WordPress. But Tablepress totally different and most popular also. You can make responsive, creative and attractive table with nice design. This plugin completely SEO friendly. So, you won’t worry about your SEO effect. Success bloggers think that it’s the alternative name of WordPress table. So, if you make your blog great, present content to readers, just use this and make your blog professional.

8) URL Shortener PRO

Long URLs always bad things at all. Because harms visitors sometime. In fact, Google doen’t recommended for long or ugly URLs. If you are a affiliate blogger, you must need to use short URLs. Because if you using long URL, it can make readers confused. In fact, sometime readers doesn’t agree to click affiliate links. So, you must use a better URL Shorter plugin. You can choose URL Shortener PRO plugin for better experience.

Key Feature of this amazing plugin:

– Create short links within moments and share to social media, affiliate link
– Super fast access the URL (maximum URL shorter doesn’t have this feature)
– Totally customization (edit your own name URL here)
– Using this tool, you can hide your affiliate links
– Organize your short links into categories
– Quick way to generate links from any pages
– Redirect your visitors from 301/302/307 pages to keep them updated
– You can redirect visitors using Javascript, Frame or Meta Refresh
– Add Nofollow tags in each links
– Open links in New Tabs
– Easy to insert in post option menu
– Insert links using quick shortcodes
– Setup custom redirection delay time
– Disallow folder in the Robots.txt file
– Import short links from external plugin
– Get clicks, devices or other real time stats
– Usable to any version of WordPress & Themes
– 24×7 premium support

9) Really Simple SSL

Having SSL certificate most important Google ranking factor. Because it’s keep secure your traffic when they reading your posts, sending personal information etc. But you doesn’t have any HTTPS connection, then your readers never get security from your website. For that reason, you never rank on Google. Just install this plugin and simply activate free SSL certificate on your blog.

10) AddToAny Share

Lot’s of sharing your content one of the bonus point for your blog. Because it drive huge traffic from different social media. These social traffic one of the trust flow for search engine ranking. In fact, Google said that social traffic most important ranking factor. So, never forget about social media. Many bloggers depends only social traffic to boost their Adsense or Affiliate earnings. AddThis Share best plugin for WordPress. Because it helps to include easy sharing button under post, above post or floating bar. Just keep that on your blog and drive million social media valuable traffic.

11) Broken Link Checker

Dead links or broken links mostly harmful for SEO. If your blog has any dead links, it harms your traffic, rankings. So, must need to solve theme quickly. If you want to find them manually, you lost huge valuable time. Which never comeback in your life. But you can find these broken links easily by using WordPress broken link checker. That totally exactly things to find your blog internal or external dead links. Just install this tool and scan finding broken links. After getting them, solve them or add another relevant links.

12) Google XML Sitemap

In the Search Engine Optimization chapter, having a sitemap most important. Without this must have file, search engine bot never find your blog and crawl them. For that reason, you never get ranking on Google, Bing, Yandex etc. There have some sitemap plugin for you. But you can install Google XML sitemap for it’s lot’s of feature. Simply activate that and it automatically generate your website sitemap. But you can customize which include in sitemap or which not.

13) Redirection

If you blog have missing pages, you can redirect them to similar new pages. That help to drive readers to new content page. For that reason, you never lost these traffic. In fact, your SEO ranking also never lost. But if you not using any redirecting plugin, readers never finds missing posts. For that, they leave your blog and increase bad SEO effect. Using this plugin, you can redirect 404 error pages visitors to it’s new page.

14) AMP for WP

Loading mobile devices first most important Google update. If your blog has super fast loading for smartphone devices, you blog will rank better. You can use AMP plugin for slow connection smartphones. For that, their pages will be loaded fast and you never lost these visitors. AMP for WP one of the best solution for you. Just activate and manage everything easily.

15) WP Super Cache

When a visitor enter your blog, they keep some cache. That totally harmful for your website. Because these make your file manager junk and decrease blog speed. So, you must need to solve this problem. Install WP super cache plugin, activate and customize settings. That solve all cache based problem automatically.

16) Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Using largest images harm your loading speed. That causes to decrease your SEO rank. If you are using too many images or large size images, that causes to load your page later. For that, your visitors feeling disturb and they leave your blog. So, you must need to upload compressed and low file size photos. Smush compression tool help you better. Just activate this tool and enjoy it’s fastest feature. Upload regular images and it automatically compress theme to boost page speed. However, it also great image SEO techniques forever.

These 16 great and best WordPress plugins make your blog super experience. Use these from today and make your blog as professional looking at all.


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