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Every bloggers first target is earning from Adsense. There it’s not too simple and not hard also. Just complete their some simple rules and get your Google Adsense approval very fast. There are many things to do before getting your account. In this post, you will know about these methods.


About 75% bloggers choose Adsense and they make money blogging easily. But rest 25% using affiliate marketing program for monetize their blog.

What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is most popular and best advertising network. Bloggers can make revenue using this and publishers can boost their business by spending ads. Adsense give 68% revenue to their publishers and it’s too much. They show mostly relevant ads to publisher blogs and advertisers can spend their ads with Geo targeting and keyword targeting.

Google Adsense Approval Killer Tricks

If you are a newbie blogger and not accepted your Adsense again and again, you must follow this post. Because if you follow this and obey, I challenge, you will get approval within 2-3 days. So, let’s go and know these hidden tactics!

How to Get Google Adsense Approval

1. Write Quality Content for Readers

If you want to success blogger, your blog must have some quality articles. Except this important and must have thing, you blogging is valueless. Just write articles for your readers and increase audience. If they choose your blog, they regularly read your blog. This most important point for your blog.

You must write high quality and perfect article which readers need. Never write for search engine. Because it may causes for getting SEO penalty.

Before applying for Google Adsense, you each blog post must be at least 800 words. It’s important and great point for success blogging also. If you write more than 500 words, it’s also okay no problem.

Never create low quality content and less than 500 words. Because it’s never help to getting Adsense account. Always try to keep more than 1000+ words in every article. Because it’s bonus point for both ranking and getting approval.

2. Keep Enough Content in Blog

In the previous point, I share about the length of article. But now you need to have some quality post. Because that point Adsense team always care before checking your website.

You must have at least 10-12 posts in your blog. Because of, if there have no minimum content, they never approve your adsense request.

In my personal experience, I’ve 8-10 post in my website and all of these have 1000+ words. For that cause, I got my adsense with 2-3 days. Which actually great for me. In this adsense approval method, I got 2 account approved.

But always remember that, having too many posts, increase chances to get adsense. So, always try to keep more articles and more words.

3. Create Important Pages

Every blog must have some important pages. These pages help readers about your blog and rules. These pages also important to boost SEO rankings. Because, search engine giant Google clearly published that. So, do not forget this issue. In fact, getting an approved adsense, you must need to have these pages.

About us: In this page, you write something about yourself, you company and about your website. You can write your life story also here. But you must write totally different things here. Because Google always like different things and support also. But if you doesn’t have any idea about this page, you can follow other blogs and get idea about how to write.

Contact us: Every blog or website must have an contact page. Because that helps to increase great communication with your readers, customers. You can get some suggest, advice or offers from them. But if there have no contact page, you will miss something special.

Privacy policy: This is the most important page for every blog or website. Because, this page help every readers, customers about your blog privacy. They will understand and never dismiss from yourself. If you doesn’t know how to make privacy page, you can use privacy generator. Search on Google and generate random privacy policy and then paste in your website.

Disclaimer: Finally you need to write something in disclaimer page. Write about your whole website or what’s new etc here.

4. Custom Domain with Own Hosting

Having Top Level Domain (TLD) most important part to quality for Google Adsense. Because it’s make your blog as brand and nice also. Previously Google gives sub-domain based blogs. But these blogs were spam. For that reason, Google not giving Adsense to these blogs. So, now you must have your own domain name.

You also must have your own hosting service. Because Google doesn’t like free hosting provider right now. Because these blogs have too many free ads, which highly harmful for adsense. So, you must purchase a smart hosting plan and make your blog here.

5. Simple Blog Structure with Navigation

Maximum new blogger always ask that how to apply for Google Adsense and how start earning quickly. Actually new blogger think that they start a blog one day, get approval in 2 day and start making huge money from online. But they are wrong! Because blogging not a easy process and they must need to learn more and more. Because of, expert bloggers also never say that they know perfect blogging.

You must have a nice blog theme. If you using WordPress, there have many WordPress themes. Just choose them and customize manually. Keep your blog neat and clean design. Never make over looking. Just keep some simple widgets or navigation. That’s it!

6. Domain age is not fact

Maximum expert blogger always give advice that approving at least 6 months old blog. But they actually rubbish and foolish also. Because it doesn’t matter and I got adsense only 10-15 days old domain.

Adsense need your domain age or content?

If you understand, you’re right. Just complete your blog rules and write quality content. Then apply for adsense at any ages blog. It’s no matter and my personal experience.

7. Do not need extra traffic

There are many Google adsense requirements and you must complete these. Without having these complete requirements, you never get an approved account. But Google doesn’t need any traffic for getting approved. Because traffic is nothing for earnings. They need only quality contents. Because quality content is king. Thought, you already have high quality content, so don’t worry. Just carry on!

8. Avoid Copyrighted Content

Keeping various copyrighted contents, images or videos never help to getting adsense account. Because they highly harmful for any blog. If you need to use any images or videos, just search Google for not showing copyrighted things. That great solution for you.

You can use you own photos to upload or make with Photoshop. You also can embedded videos from YouTube. That never have any copyrighted things. Remember that, if you have approved account and using copyright things, that caused to get banned.

9. Exclude Adsense Prohibited Things

There have many things which harms adsense. You must not keep adsense prohibited content in your website. Because that never help to getting adsense. In fact, if you have approved account and using in prohibited website, you will get banned from adsense. So, be careful and remove all kinds of harmful contents, images or videos from your blog.

10. Remove Other Ads from Blog

Do you monetize your blog using any other ad network? Well, it’s good news for you that you want to monetize using both network. But when you applying for Adsense, you must temporary remove these ad. Because Adsense doesn’t like to having any third party ads. so, it’s most important thing to getting approved account. After getting your account, you still can use previous network.

But I personally suggest you that, when you using Adsense, remove all 3rd party networks. Because they decrease your earning highly.

Why Google Adsense Highly Popular?

There have various specific reason why adsense actually popular & why bloggers choose this:

  1. Adsense most oldest ad network which gives great revenue
  2. Adsense pay 68% revenue share to their publishers. Which totally different from others and anyone can’t give this.
  3. Google show relevant ads using blog nice, users browser cache and cookie. For that, advertisers get enough traffic, sells.
  4. Google most trusted and accepted by all.
  5. Adsense pay high CPC rate and pay after month. Which highly important for every blog publishers.

Why Your Adsense Not Approving?

Do you want to make money with Google adsense, but not approving again and again?

If you suffering this problem, I sure you have something mistakes in your blog. You must need to recheck follow issues again and again. But if you sure that your strategy is okay, they you must think about following things:

Check your content types: Adsense never supports drug content, adult things, pirated article or other illegal things. Just avoid them and make your blog totally fresh.

Adsense supported languages: Adsense not support all languages yet. Just 30-35 languages they listed in their service. Just make your blog with these language and get instant approval. But I recommended to start blog with English.

Already banned from Adsense: If you got banned from same email or same domain, you can’t get again same thing. Make sure that, you doesn’t have that issue.

Domain is blacklisted: Some domain always blacklisted by Google. Avoid taking these domain and feel confidence.

Hosting is blacklisted: Some hosting provider also blacklisted as Google. Never purchase your hosting from these provider.

Your Adsense Account Got Banned?

There are various reason why your adsense will get banned.

  • You blog not completed with adsense policy.
  • Writing prohibited contents, images or videos.
  • Multiple copyrighted issues in your website or blog.
  • Not keeping about us, contact us or privacy policy pages.
  • Using too many ad networks etc.

If you got banned from Adsense, you can use these best adsense alternatives to continue earning from your blog.


Finally I want to say that, getting Google adsense approval not too hard. Just you need to follow some techniques, tactics which really working. Here I share 10 killer tips and if you follow them, anyone can’t detain yourself. Just follow up and success your blogging. Also share your friends who need an Adsense account.


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